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Keynotes & Seminars

What Former Participants are Saying

"This seminar opened my eyes to why some behaviors occur. Gave great insight on how to defuse a situation before it becomes a major problem. Would recommend to anyone." Denise Odgaard, LPN, Albion, NE

"Dorothy was amazing with her gifts of humor and touch and provided me with much needed learning activities. I'm glad I was able to participate. Humor is one of my favorite topics-this seminar was not only interesting it was FUN…." Geralyn Morris, RN, St. Michael, Minnesota

"I really enjoyed this seminar. Dorothy is a ball of fire and presents with humor and seriousness. She touches your heart and challenges your mind." Michelene S. Dye, Primary Addictions Counselor, Hutchinson, Kansas

"…Dorothy obviously knows her subject/material very well and knows its importance in our lives. She also has a knack of putting the audience at ease." Randi Hodry, RN, Thief River Falls, Minnesota

"This was a wonderful workshop, etc. I laughed, had tears in my eyes, and enjoyed! It was a joy to be here today." Valerie Naeseth, Middle River, Minnesota

"This was a positive, informative day-made me feel great! I wish we could make the whole world experience this! Thanks." Phyllis Sveum, RN, Moorhead, Minnesota

"As an ADON in charge of 70 staff I needed to hear all of this-to Reignite My Passion." Elizabeth Enoch, ADON, BSN, Wichita, Kansas

"Has to be the only conference speaker I've ever heard that kept my attention 100%--very much liked the variety of techniques… Was a great day." Suzanne McEachern, RN, Wichita, Kansas

"Great to recharge and re-energize with good insights and tools for making change. Thank you for your presentation and a fun filled day." Adrienne Ulrich, Director, Wichita, Kansas

"…Helped me to identify different personalities in the workplace. Very helpful with suggestions of dealing with difficult co-workers and managers." Saundra Dietz, CRT, Pittsburg, Kansas

"All seminars I have attended that were presented by you have been informative, well presented and much enjoyed. You have the ability to key one's attention in a meaningful way." Betty Coburn, Salina, Kansas

"Very helpful, really made me think about how I perceive and how I am perceived . You also gave me a lot of good ideas on how I have the control to change things in my life." Pam Ireland, LPN II, Kansas City, Missouri Seminar

"This was a very enjoyable seminar. I didn't get sleepy once!" Dorothy is a wonderful speaker-energetic, optimistic, but with a lot of depth. The content of the course was great. I found the time management and stress reduction techniques to be things that could be utilized easily in everyday life. I would highly recommend it to any health care professional!" Susan Williams, RN, Kansas City, Missouri Seminar

"Again, I enjoyed your workshop and came away feeling relaxed and ready to go back out into the world with renewed hope. Thank you." Pam Lutes, RN, Emporia, Kansas

"I have to address a lot of families who have loved ones suffering with a terminal illness or with Alzheimer's or 'Just Growing Old'. I really appreciate the information to apply and to share." Amande Green, LBSW, Killen, Alabama

"A very beneficial class for all… They (humor and touch) both seem so small but one shouldn't be deceived. If we master these techniques life will be a true journey of joy." Linda Forsberg, RN, Hazel Green, Alabama

"I chose this seminar because I thought it sounded fun and interesting. Dorothy definitely lives up to that. She is very upbeat and positive. She is very good at speaking and keeping the seminar lively. I would definitely attend another one of her seminars and recommend them to others." Melvina Henry, RNC, Wellston, Ohio

"One of the best seminars I've ever attended. Dorothy was so relaxed it created a very relaxed group." Carole Pickworth, RN, Lebanon, Ohio

"Very well done, Dorothy! I felt engaged and challenged throughout the day. Dorothy did a great job helping me to reflect honestly on my strengths without shame or feeling judgmental." Janet Benson, RN, PHN, Okabena, Minnesota

"You were very funny and intelligent. You have a great outlook on life. I hope you've rubbed off on me a little!" Linda Nichols, LPN, Wheelersburg, Ohio


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