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Grant writing is difficult. Being successful in your efforts is even harder. For this reason many organizations that cannot afford full-time grant writers reach out for assistance from professional grant writers. Dorothy Yeager started writing foundation and government grants in the early 1980s to provide programs for the Chase County Extension Service in Kansas-programs that otherwise would have been out of the organization's financial reach. She continued to write grants as the administrator for the Regional Prevention Center of the Flint Hills of Kansas and later for other agencies as an independent contractor. While most grant writers win funding for only about 10% of their applications, Dorothy has maintained a 72.7% success rate.

When your organization needs help writing a grant Dorothy & Associates can provide:

  1. Expertise on grants for Community Health Centers, Substance Abuse Prevention, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, Education, and Nutrition programs;
  2. Determine information needed to complete your grant application and develop a timeline for completion;
  3. Meet on-site with staff to determine grant goals and objectives;
  4. Complete the narrative of the application;
  5. Work with your agency to complete the financial portion of the grant and all requested forms;
  6. Obtain a review from an independent contractor of your grant;
  7. Provide your agency with a completed grant application for your submission.

HELPFUL TIDBIT: Plan Ahead!!! Grants often fail to be funded because the application had to be submitted without adequate preparation.

For more information, a price quote and/or to schedule our grant writing service, please call Dorothy & Associates at 1-620-273-8486 or email

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