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Can't afford a grant writer? No problem. We can still help your agency. Generally, it is recommended that grant applications undergo an independent review prior to submission. Why? Look at it as an extra pair of eyes. Once a grant writer/agency has spent tens to hundreds of hours on a grant application things sometimes become "blurred". Grant writers then "see" things that aren't really on the page or they overlook something that should have been corrected.

As an independent reviewer we can help fill in the gaps by:

  1. Thoroughly reviewing the RFP (request for proposal) against your grant application;
  2. Provide a list of any omissions between the RFP and your application;
  3. Highlight areas in the application that don't adequately address the requirements of the RFP; and
  4. Make suggestions to strengthen the application such as complete a survey, add researched support from professional journals, etc.


For more information, a price quote and/or to schedule our grant review service, please call Dorothy & Associates at 1-620-273-8486 or email

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